An absurdist interpretation of Heresy

When in doubt, implement every bad idea.

So, you just read about Heresy and you're thinking “okay, this is fantastic. But it's not dangerous enough. I want danger.”

Well, I have a present for you.

You don't like how global variables work in Ruby? Let's reimplement them.

Wait, why don't we have local_variable_get and local_variable_set? Now we do. Kind of.

Scala's pattern matching in anonymous functions is pretty fantastic. I want that in Ruby! Oh, well, here you go.

... and that's what it's all about!

Using wot

Each component of wot is a standalone gem, and can be used as such. However, for simplicity, the wot gem lists all of them as dependencies.

To take advantage of the latest absurd technology, simply add gem 'wot' to your projects Gemfile, then require the relevant components as needed.